About ASX2099

What I do for a living… IT.

From Help Desk, to Supervisor, to Networking, to 3D design, Technical Drafting, Floor Plans, WiFi Planning, Firewalls, Programming, Web Design, PHP, Graphic Design, Campus Maps, Automation, Working on IT projects of various things, Active Directory, Storage, VMware, Hyper-V, Aruba ClearPass, Aruba WiFi, Aruba Network Switches, etc, etc , etc , etc I do a thing or two all things IT… Yup… Oh, and I just got the CCNA thingamawab.

A quick gallery/portfolio with some Maps and 3D Images/renders for Campus Maps, WiFi Planning/Surveys, etc (Will update as time allows):

Stuff I like:

  • Social Dancing (Best hobby ever!)
    • Salsa (fast songs a must)
    • Bachata (sensual is a definitive imperative as long as there is connection, presence, respect, chemistry)
    • Chachacha…
  • Graphic Design and Applied Graphic Design to Information Technology Projects
    • I like making 3D maps of campuses and then doing WiFi Planning on those…
      • Yup, neat….
    • It used to be that when the web revolution was kicking in, Graphic Designers learned how to code… and that is still going, well, I work in IT so I learn and apply Graphic Design as a balance of the…. force………
  • T-Shirt-Making
    • I make my own TShirt Designs, and then make them with Heat-Transfer Vinyl…
    • CorelDraw for the WIN!!!!
  • Creativity in the era of IT and Jobs Requiring Degrees, and well, you may or may not know the drill, but in IT departments, Creativity can be sometimes punished or not understood or taken well… So I still try to be creative, document, document, document, and graphically document, and graphic-design, and technical drawing document and design…. so that the team can benefit from all of what I bring to the table… IT is a field with constant change and where you need to keep growing learning and integrating more and more skills. Even if by a little bit, graphic design is one of those things that can really help improve everything, if done well, done right, and quickly enough…
  • Travel….. Been to Europe, Mexico, Europe…. US… Europe….. 😉
    • Dancing Salsa and Bachata wherever I travel to, even if it is on the street with a Bluetooth Speaker.
  • Architecture and Design
  • Museums
  • Learning how to fix things myself.
  • Lots of photography
  • Street Photography
  • BW Photgraphy

Quickies to Content I create:

Quickies to Content I consume: